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Heppner Clock Tower Historic Restoration

Back in August we had a post about our excitement in being part of such a great restoration project!  Well the wood columns and balusters(our small part) is done, and these solid fir columns were delivered to Heppner, Oregon last week.  The Morrow County Courthouse clocktower has its own facebook page– take a look back to see the scope of the clocktower restoration project.heppner clock tower projects

Too often, after finishing a job we don’t take photos because we are in a hurry to get it delivered.  We were insistent on this job that we get some photos so that you can understand the scope of what Turnco Architectural can do!

heppner shop columns

We love taking on historic restoration projects for turnings that need to be replicated!  Please fee free to share this post and information with anyone you know that works on such projects!

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Columns for Heppner!

We are thrilled to be part of this project!  We will be providing heritage replica columns and balusters for the Morrow County Courthouse clocktower.  They are so hip they are giving updates on their renovation on their website.


This beautiful courthouse in rural Oregon was built in 1902-1903.


Column Restoration for Morrow County

More photos and details on the original structure

Historic Seattle Building Renovation Fair

This was our first Building Renovation Fair and first trade show where we had a booth.


It was a great experience and quite a lot of fun!  There were exhibitors with good resources for any homeowner whether it was window preservation, heating/cooling, paint, or major renovation design services.  We were there to showcase our ability to reproduce wooden millwork whether it is turned or not.  Basically, if you have a photo of how your house was 50 years ago, rotten wood, missing pieces, or just want something that fits your home’s style, we can produce it.

Something I’d like to highlight were the array of services available for windows.  Owners of homes with older wood frame windows can have their existing windows completely rebuilt (paint stripped, weights replaced, slider working, panes replaced, reputtied) and replaced.  If you have stained glass you can encase that in a double pane sealed unit or get new stained glass made to match what you have.  Windowvative Design has interior glass window panels that are installed inside of your single pane windows that have a similar insulation value of new double pane windows.  These can be done for 50% of the cost of a new window.  By next winter I think we will have these installed in our house.

Particularly impressive was the old world craftsmanship evident in Tile Restoration Center‘s work.  Tiles and corbels made from handcarved molds.  Steve Moon is the principal and a great person to meet.


We plan to be back next year!