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great outdoors

You know we love the simple originality of putting inside furniture outside for a photoshoot.

DUNBAR nailed it in this advert from the 60’s.



So it is with this inspiration that we try to also capture the simple…

outdoor shoot banner

…and original nature of our wood goods in outdoor photo sessions.

table top


Fill our goods with your goods!

We are so excited to roll out our line of  beautiful jars and bottles!  They featured a prominent walnut lid and a little Turnco Wood Goods swag!  Please shop our website if you are interested in purchasing one(or a few) to add some modern nostalgia to your home.   The possibilities are endless– but what would you fill your TWG bottles & jars with?

New Favorite

In creating a Pinterest account for Turnco I have come across some inspiring things.  Isn’t that what Pinterest is all about?!

I was looking up vintage furniture ads(we  like the style of mid century furniture and I find some of the language amusing) and came across several DUNBAR furniture advertisements from the 1950’s.  I found them very clever  because of their unique photo shoot environments and use of color.  The great thing is they are still in business and continue to make this timeless furniture while retaining and showcasing their standout history.

Here a couple photos from their advertisements:

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“Tomorrow is a friend of Dunbar”

See more mid century advertisements we like on our Pinterest board!

Turnco Truck


It’s hard to say what caused us to buy an old truck.  We go a little crazy around old things, especially the rare old things.  Once the must have car was the Pao.  Before that was a schweetie named Pearl.


In this case it was not hard to come up with some reasons why we “need” this as the perfect business truck.  Take this statement from an original advertisement:
“Years ahead, the design of the White 3000 saves costly time on every trip-enough to measure in tangible dollars at the end of every day.”
No truer words existed…in 1959.  A few things have happened in 54 years so this is where we are starting today but we see a bright future for the White in service of Turnco Wood Goods.  Like many things worth doing, it takes a little vision and some faith.
Half the fun is getting there.  We’ll keep you posted!

DSC_0255     turnco truck

Turnco people

Who are we?  Turnco is made up of us Kelly and Janae, 2 people with a desire and passion for wood and making wood turnings that we are not only proud of, but would want to use in our own home.  As small business owners we want to be part of the new hope of the economy, where there are more successful small entrepreneurs making a life for themselves and being active in the communities they live in.

We recently moved from the city to the country, so that we could work and live in the same place.  So that our animals(goats so far) can use our woodchips as bedding, and we can burn our scrap wood in our fireplace in the winter.   We are looking forward to what is ahead for Turnco Wood Goods and developing more products for the home and continuing to manufacture our Turnco Architectural columns and spindles.

Mid Century Modern Expressions

Looking through advertisements for furniture built and marketed in the 1950’s, I become drawn to the word choice:



“Tables to love and live with”


“Lay the tile that is worth your while”

“So refreshingly now!”



“Permanent contribution to american design”

Our Turnco Wood Goods are a reflection of these values.  We want our goods to last…like they used to….we want people to get excited about furniture and the beauty of it, the simplicity.  I think now advertising relies heavily on photography instead of words.

Below is an advertisement I found for some GE Metal cabinets we just purchased and are going to install in our 1927 home.  It will be like a remodel that happened in the 50’s.  We are stoked.  It was called the “Wonder Kitchen”.  I feel we need to be excited about our kitchens and living spaces in our home and the ware within them.

GE Wonder Kitchen with cabinettes