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great outdoors

You know we love the simple originality of putting inside furniture outside for a photoshoot.

DUNBAR nailed it in this advert from the 60’s.



So it is with this inspiration that we try to also capture the simple…

outdoor shoot banner

…and original nature of our wood goods in outdoor photo sessions.

table top


New Favorite

In creating a Pinterest account for Turnco I have come across some inspiring things.  Isn’t that what Pinterest is all about?!

I was looking up vintage furniture ads(we  like the style of mid century furniture and I find some of the language amusing) and came across several DUNBAR furniture advertisements from the 1950’s.  I found them very clever  because of their unique photo shoot environments and use of color.  The great thing is they are still in business and continue to make this timeless furniture while retaining and showcasing their standout history.

Here a couple photos from their advertisements:

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“Tomorrow is a friend of Dunbar”

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