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From Architectural to Wood Goods

How do you leap into something new?  That is what we are trying to do, as organically and naturally as  possible.

The Architechural side of Turnco has been around for a long time, and for years we have noticed the beautiful hard and soft wood waste fill buckets, only to become firewood.

A natural step in using hardwood scrap is making cutting boards, and they really are great for gifts.  But still we wanted to do something different.  A little bit bolder,  we got to thinking a little splash of lacquered color can go a long way, can’t it?  Well we are on the journey to finding out.

The following are some prototype wood goods made of what would have gone in the firewood bucket…


Scraps from column endcap rings become an off balance stool.


Alder/Maple/Cherry offcuts from cabinet spindles, turn into a unique side table.